What We Believe

We understand that values drive everything about who we are.
That is why before we did anything – we created a shared set of values that guide our programs, policies, fundraising and relationships.

We believe:

People are more than their disease.
– Programs will be life giving, not simply informative
– Human connection is a core need
– Equal attention to living well and learning

Transparency is a cornerstone of trust.
– Financial health is a shared responsibility
– Information is power

Partnership offers collective success.
– We provide singular programs and services; we do not duplicate
– Stakeholder engagement comes from all partners
– We’re stronger together
– It is our responsibility to share information from all resources, not just our own information

Sustainability is the essence of organizational health.
– We must maintain three months operating funds for sustainability
– With effective communication, partners are as invested in sustainability as we are
– Maintenance of adequate best practice overhead is essential

Stretching and risk taking is an imperative.
– Creation of cutting edge, innovative low cost/high impact service is core
– Programs should exhilarate the mind, warm the heart and awaken the body
– Risking failure is an essential part of learning and growth

At PMDAlliance we are all about change, but we will never change our values!

Read what Tim Cook, CEO of Apple says about values:  Everything Can Change Except Values