Our Promise to You

During these uncertain times, we want to remind you of our promise: you will not walk this journey alone. PMD Alliance’s commitment to providing education, resources, connection, and support to our community remains as steady as ever.

Parkinson disease and movement disorders do not discriminate and neither does PMD Alliance. We welcome each person as they are, recognizing that we share one fundamental truth – we are all trying to navigate and live our very best lives in spite of the disease.

We embrace the diversity and unique experiences of each person, welcoming them and the richness of their histories and stories they share. At all times PMD Alliance will create an environment that embraces these truths:

People are more than their disease.
  • Programs will be life-giving and engaging, not simply informative.
  • Human connection is a fundamental need; we pay equal attention to living well and learning.
Transparency is a cornerstone of trust.
  • Stakeholder engagement rises from shared and open communication.
  • Information is power. We do not withhold information from the people we serve.
Partnership offers collective success.
  • We support existing services in the community; we do not duplicate.
  • Each partner has a unique role to play; we seek to amplify our partners’ contributions.
Sustainability is the essence of organizational health.
  • Financial health is a shared responsibility.
  • With effective communication & programs, partners will remain invested in PMD Alliance sustainability.
Stretching and risk-taking are imperatives.
  • Programs must exhilarate the mind, warm the heart, and awaken the body.
  • Risking failure is an essential part of learning and growth.
  • Creation of cutting-edge, innovative, low-cost, and high-impact service is essential.

In a time when so many things are unsettled and unknown, we do not pretend to have the answers. Instead, we promise to listen and to learn. We are continuously inspired to find new ways to collaborate and innovate.  We will continue to keep our attention on those who need our help by sometimes raising our hands a little higher and speaking a little louder, and sometimes sitting quietly by your side.

Together we will take one step at a time and make this world a better place, hand in hand.