In-Person Programs Overview

PMD Alliance has developed a diverse portfolio of in-person and online programs and continually refines them with these goals in mind: interactive, life-giving, and actionable. We are a hand-in-hand organization wholly devoted to human movement.

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Spotlight® emPowered! Series

Spotlight!® workshops offer a deep dive into medications, treatments, or research. Treatment related Spotlight!® workshops are generally branded or therapeutic specific talks. Participants leave with a deep understanding of treatments and how the treatment addresses various aspects of the disease process. The workshop includes interactive time and an opportunity to share non-medical techniques and tips to navigate the disease process, as well as a tool to enhance participants’ discussion about symptoms with their providers.

Learn.Live.Connect.® Workshops

Half-day workshops designed to spend time with a movement disorder physician, interactive therapist or allied health session, followed by a Q&A session focused on disease progression, treatments, and support services. Intended to give health, wellness, and medical information in an interactive setting, participants leave with an understanding about the disease, and the value and benefits of various therapeutic interventions that enhance life and vitality.

Get Out!™ Socials

Get Out!™ events are social events for people impacted by Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. These events are social gatherings that allow people to spend time with new and existing friends over a slice of pizza. The core of this program is the belief that social health, which contributes to overall brain health, is essential, particularly for aging adults.  Using an occupational therapy framework, this program enables people impacted by movement disorders to gain tools and build a support network in a natural way. This program is appropriate for any movement disorder.

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NeuroLife Online®

After recognizing that many do not have access to movement disorder physicians, expert information, social and support networks, or opportunities to learn in a natural way- NeuroLife Online® was created. Offering an opportunity for them to participate and learn directly from movement disorder specialists and other experts, while gaining skills in navigating the disease. Designed for the whole Movement Disorder Care & Ecosystem©, the program is available live-stream, to anyone across the U.S. and other areas around the world.

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Certified Parkinson Disease Care™ (CPDC)

Many people impacted by Parkinson’s find themselves in a facility at some point in their lives. The facility may be a rehabilitation center, assisted living, or skilled nursing. Most facilities have minimal understanding about the unique needs of a resident with Parkinson’s, as well as limited understanding about nonmotor aspects of the disease. This program is designed to fortify the facilities to better meet the needs of their residents through a series of educational sessions. The training is not medical in nature; instead, it offers facilities practical solutions and understanding for enhancing quality of life, activities of daily living, and care for current and future residents impacted by Parkinson’s..

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Renew! Retreats®

A workshop designed for care partners and adult children with a separate track for people with movement disorders. The Renew! Retreat provides education about the disease, advancement of the disease, and treatment options. Additionally, we provide practice in caring for one’s self. Participants leave with an expanded community and new tools to make life easier, Most attendees have advancing disease – this is best suited for people with Parkinson’s, PSP, MSA, Tardive Dyskinesia, and Dyskinesia.

In Sync!® Support Group Leader Program

A consortium of support group leaders with opportunities to network, learn, enrich, and sustain the group. Leaders come from across the region where the training is held. This is continued throughout the year through the In Sync!™ Roundtable – a quarterly live-stream series. Most group leaders are people with movement disorders or care partners. Leaders gain skills and confidence in running groups, a deeper understanding of planning, leading and sustaining a group, and form a network of colleagues. This program is built for support group leaders for any movement disorder.