Support and Exercise Groups

Get moving and get connecting! Search our national, comprehensive list of movement disorder-specific support groups and exercise classes. At PMD Alliance, we believe that resilience blossoms in community. Whether you’re looking to box from the comfort of your home or seeking to spark connection in-person with neighbors on a similar path, we’ve researched and compiled a database of thousands of groups across the nation.

This all-inclusive resource is brought to you by PMD Alliance, but it is community-powered. Help us keep group info up to date so that, together, we can make sure everyone impacted by movement disorders can find an online support group, exercise class, or in-person community that feels like home. If you see missing or outdated info, contact us!

Are you a support group leader looking for resources? We can help you create, launch, and foster your support group, check out more resources here.

Support Groups

Search for a wide range of local movement disorder support groups.

Exercise Groups

Search for wide range of local exercise and wellness groups.

Virtual Groups

Support and Exercise Groups you can attend wherever you are!