Responsive, Collaborative, Innovative: Our COVID-19 Plan

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PMD Alliance has expanded our Neuro Life Online® programming to help you keep connecting, keep learning, and keep moving, all from the safety of your home. Our interactive live-stream programs break down the twin barriers of isolation and distance, with a click, to put you in touch with a community of experts and allies – join us!

To all the community members who have sent us pain points, resources, and ideas: thank you, and keep them coming. You asked for information about medication access, insurance and pharmacy updates; you asked for help learning Zoom, and tools to get your support group online; keep asking and we’ll keep building!

All Neuro Life Online® Programs At-a-glance

Stay Connected While Social Distancing Series

Medication Access

Support Group Leader Resources

COVID-19 Snapshot
10 Weeks in Review

Innovation. Teamwork. Characteristics PMD Alliance proudly shares with you. With your support, we help folks engulfed by fear to push past fallacies, escape inertia, and plan to fully engage in life. The past 10 weeks have intensified our mission and its importance. Our team, steeped in design strategy and dedicated to serving, responded to the changing reality with a quick pivot. From 500-person educational livestreams to individual cheer calls to intimate technology help sessions, we impacted thousands of people and delivered knowledge, skills, and support. We’ll let the numbers tell you more about what we achieved with your support:


Supporting Our Work

As COVID-19 challenges the way we go about our daily lives, PMD Alliance remains resolved to providing the same cutting-edge programming, resources and support. Your donations mean more than ever as we hope – we know – that life will get back to normal. The time to make a charitable and socioeconomic impact is now. In response to social and economic effects  felt by COVID-19, Congress recently passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Included in that act is a charitable giving incentive that applies to all taxpayers, providing for an above-the-line deduction for contributions up to $300. Together, we will get through this challenging time and we will continue to learn, live life fully, and spark meaningful connections.

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