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How We See It

When you are open and allow others the gift of being with you, you find resilience.  – Sarah Jones, CEO of PMD Alliance

Designed with real people in mind, our Movement Disorder Care & Support Ecosystem© serves as a kind of guiding star and a catalyst for action. Today! Everything we do centers around strengthening that ecosystem. We know that when these stars are shining in alignment, the effect on those we serve is immeasurable.
Each network plays a valuable role in supporting the person with the movement disorder, and we could do not this important work without them.
Discover the five unique networks that make up our Movement Disorder Care and Support Ecosystem© .
To download an interactive full size PDF version of our Ecosystem©, please click below. Please note, to view the pop up descriptions the PDF file must be opened in Adobe Acrobat app and not viewed in your browser.

History of PMD Alliance

Five years ago, PMD Alliance was created out of a deep desire to help everyone impacted by a movement disorder diagnosis. Five years later, we provide resources and education to people in 50 states and more than 40 countries. All because two people shared a vision to walk this journey alongside people with movement disorders.

To learn the history about PMD Alliance, please read our Founder’s Story and view an interview with founders Judy Talley and Sarah Jones.

Founders Story

How Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance Got Its Start and More Importantly ... Why

An Interview with PMD Alliance Founders, Sarah Jones and Judy Talley

November 17, 2020

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