PMD Alliance Ecosystem©

The Community Network

We want to highlight the five unique networks that make up our Movement Disorder Care and Support Ecosystem© . Each network plays a valuable role in supporting the person with the movement disorder, and we could do not this important work without them.

Where do we begin to talk about our Community Network? This network is made up of churches, advocacy and community organizations, social groups and our treasured support groups.

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PMD Alliance Ecosystem©

Movement Disorder Patient Ecosystem©
Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance, 2020
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Who makes up the Community Network?

Upcoming Events Featuring Those From The Community Network

Upcoming Events

Resilience Online™ Support Groups
Every Tuesday and Thursday


Join us for a virtual gathering of people impacted by movement disorders. Meet up with peers using Zoom to share tips, ask questions, and get social despite social distancing.

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In Sync!® Support Group Leaders Virtual Roundtable
October 26th


A free Virtual Roundtable for new and continuing support group leaders, where you can connect and share with one another. Bring your ideas, questions, and wishes for future trainings!

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In Sync!® Support Group Leaders Zoom Basics
November 2nd


A repeat training for those wishing to get your group meetings up and running online for the first time, or a refresher for those who attended this session earlier this year or who have basic knowledge of Zoom.

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In Sync!® Support Group Leaders How to Use Breakout Rooms
November 9th


A more advanced training and walkthrough for group leaders with prior experience on Zoom who wish to facilitate breakout groups during your online support group meetings.

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