Getting Real!™: Straight talk about difficult symptoms


Friday December 6, 2019
1:00 PM-4:00 PM Pacific


Embassy Suites Arcadia
211 E Huntington Dr
Arcadia, CA 91006


Care Partners, Adult Children, Family Members, People living with Parkinson’s & Parkinsonisms, Healthcare Professionals

About Getting Real®

While everyone experiences a different path for movement disorders like Parkinson’s and PSP, the reality is there are some aspects of the advancing disease that are generally experienced by most people. Information gives people power. Care partners and adult children often feel powerless and desperately need to and want to plan. They have different needs, questions and concerns. The disease is hard. To avoid hard conversations does not serve our community.

We have designed a workshop focused on activities of daily living and common symptoms that accompany disease progression. This workshop includes an intimate conversation with movement disorder physicians, tools to aid in communication about the disease progression so that people are able to continue to live their very best life, in spite of a diagnosis.



Indu Subramanian, MD

Johan Samanta, MD

Agenda Highlights:

In One End -Out the Other – Swallowing, Digestion, Medication Failure

When Sleep Becomes Madness – Sleep Disorders

Moving Less, Hurting More – Changes In Motor Function & Pain

Mind Matters –Cognitive Changes in Attention and Problem Solving

Reserve your seat!  Attendance is limited to 50 people.