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Everyday people across the Movement Disorder Support & Care Ecosystem are taking courageous steps to engage more fully in life, in their relationships, and in their own well being. Inspire Me!™ is a monthly interactive online program sharing stories and opening up discussion to inspire you. Learn and share with one another, experience strength and hope, and know that you’re not alone.
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Thursday October 10, 2019
12:00 – 1:00 PM Pacific



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Featured Guest

Brian Reedy
Carson City, NV

Brian has been living with Parkinson’s disease since 2009. He had to retire from a high school teaching career that he passionately loved. He now sees his advocacy work as being a teacher once again. He’s also learned that a more active and positive life allows him to thrive when dealing with a slowly degenerative neurological disease.  One thing Brian has found that helps relieve his pain and keep a positive attitude is Laughter Yoga! Learn more about Brian on his website

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