Georgetown Spotlight! Online Series

You are invited to a special online collaboration hosted by PMD Alliance! We have put together a 4-part livestream series featuring movement disorder specialist Yasar Torres-Yaghi, MD. In this series, Dr. Yaghi will share some of the tools Georgetown MDS physicians use to help people with Parkinson’s, their families, and their care teams better manage medication regimens, disease progression, and communication. Attendees will learn about medication reconciliation, how to track and communicate changes in cognition, and the concept of polypharmacy. Sound complicated? We’ll break down these subjects so they’re easy to understand and apply to your own life, and each session will wrap with live Q&A to ensure you are clear and ready to take action.

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Series Lineup

Medication Tracking – Breaking it down

Do you take a grocery bag full of medications when you visit the doctor? Tracking and managing all the different medications prescribed by your various doctors is important but there are easier ways to capture all the medications, dosages and prescribers. Join us for a special spotlight on
medication tracking and how using a reconciliation tool can help your doctors keep you safe.

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How the Brain Progresses with PD

Cognitive changes are common and vary widely in Parkinson’s. Tracking these changes is important for physicians to manage the complexities of symptoms and how they can be interrelated with other neuropsychological symptoms, but understanding the decline and how to effectively track often subtle changes can be challenging. Join us for a spotlight on understanding how the brain progresses with PD and how to effectively communicate these changes with your doctor.

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What’s in Your Pill Box?

Have you heard the term “polypharmacy”? This is the use of multiple medications by a single person for one or more conditions. While confusing, frequently multiple medications are necessary and important in maximizing symptom management for this complex disease but must be balanced by risk of adverse events. Join us for a spotlight as we discuss what is in your pillbox and the reason polypharmacy is used as well as how it can maximize quality of life.

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Introducing the PD Care Website Tool

How do you communicate all your symptoms and changes when you visit the doctor or communicate your medication schedule, symptoms, and other needs when you go to the hospital? Join us for a special spotlight program as we introduce you to the PD Care website and tool to help prepare for appointments, communicate information to providers and assist individuals when they arrive at a hospital in an emergency basis that goes beyond existing hospital kits.

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Yasar Torres-Yaghi, MD is an attending neurologist specializing in movement disorders at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. He is also an assistant professor of neurology and the co-director of the Lewy Body Dementia Clinic at Georgetown University School of Medicine. Dr. Torres-Yaghi received his MD from Georgetown University School of Medicine. He completed both his residency and clinical fellowship in movement disorders at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Dr. Torres-Yaghi has published papers on Lewy body dementia and Parkinson’s disease. He actively conducts research in neurorestoration in movement disorders and dementia. He takes care of patients in the Dementia clinic and teaches medical students at Georgetown University School of Medicine.

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