I AM!™ Poem Project

When you or a loved one is living with a movement disorder, it’s easy to lose track of all that makes you who you are and, instead, become the diagnosis. At PMD Alliance, we know you are much more than a disease. Whether you’re a person living with the disease, a care partner, or another loved one, the I Am! poem is a chance to honor that, to see yourself in your fullness. 

The I Am! poem is a tool that invites you to get curious and creative, exploring your whole self—who you are, where you come from, what you love, and what matters most. Sharing your poem in community is a meaningful way to connect deeply with others and reveal the magic that makes you who you are. 

Everyone has a story.

I AM impacted by a movement disorder.


I AM resilient.


I AM putting my best foot forward.


I AM icONic.


I AM ready to learn, live more fully and connect with others.

What Are I AM!™ Poems?

An I AM!™ Poem invites you to express the pivotal moments, places, and people that have made you who you are. Where do you come from? What trials have you withstood? Who are the people who have shaped you? In this process, you’ll call on memories, traditions, beloved meals, family members, items from your home, and defining moments to tell the story of who you are. Writing about where you come from honors your voice, your history, and your worth—the rich tapestry of you that deserves to be celebrated!  

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How do I submit my own poem?

First, download theI AM!™ Poem Toolkit. This resource will walk you through writing your own poem, making it simple and accessible. You don’t have to be a poet to participate! If you’re a support group leader, it will also offer guidance on how you can share this resource with your group. Once you or your members have written your poems, submit them using the form below. 

Download the I Am! Poem Toolkit

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