In-Person Programs

Our programs are trailblazing, and we’re continually innovating to bring more life-giving ideas to the table. As a responsive (never reactive) organization, we’re just not satisfied with “the way it’s always been done.”


We’re a hand-in-hand organization – for those with a movement disorder, their care partners, adult children and the ecosystem that supports us all – wholly devoted to exuding inspiration. It’s all about listening and engaging in a people-powered conversation.


In our workshops, you’ll glean new insights, meet new people and access new resources. But you’ll also experience hands-on applications of these lessons. Why? Because information without application is just trivia!


In Sync® Support Group Leaders Workshop

conference room full of people at a PMD Alliance event

Engage with a consortium of support group leaders. Gain skills and confidence in running sustainable groups and a deeper understanding of leadership. Seize opportunities to learn from other trailblazers and expand your regional network of peers. This workshop will offer components to help you re-energize, refill your tank, and build confidence in designing and running a group that serves you, and your community well. This program is built for new, existing and potential support group leaders for any movement disorder, including those who lead exercise-based support groups.

With a new curriculum each year, the In Sync! program incorporates key aspects of group health, navigating challenges, marketing and promotion, planning for succession and longevity and resilience in a group leader.   Groups are encouraged to send 2-3 members to each workshop, aiding in capacity building and shared learning.

Spotlight® Series

Spotlight!® workshops offer a deep dive into medications, treatments and/or research. We work hard to ensure information is never held hostage, and instead connect you directly to physician experts to learn about movement disorder symptoms and the therapy options to treat them. PMD Alliance is all about infusing confidence and preparing you for full-on self-advocacy.  These workshops do just that! Heads up, treatment-related workshops combine branded or therapy specific talks to zero in on how a treatment addresses the disease process. Our hope is that you will ask questions, discuss, and engage in follow-up discussions with your family and care team.

Renew!® Retreat

Make new leaps. Solidify your personal care team. Experience our one-of-a-kind workshop designed with two simultaneous tracks: one for care partners and adult children AND one for those with movement disorders. Our Renew! Retreat® provides breakthrough spaces for education in an environment of your peers. We share information about disease progression and treatment options and create invaluable opportunities to network with those who share your experience.  You will learn from our expert providers, as well from each other.

Every spark, every leap, every change in perspective is a connection you make. And when you’re always sparking connections, you’re helping yourself and others crack the loop of frozen thinking.  We teach people impacted by movement disorders invaluable resilience and wellness practices—sharing methods for increased independence and demonstrating the value of connection in brain and body health. Participants leave with an expanded community and tools to make life easier.  This highly engaging day will create and generate confidence, resilience and reduce the isolation of navigating a movement disorder.

Get Out!™ Social Series

Step outside and crack a smile. Get Out!™ events are no-big-deal community mixers with educational themes for people impacted by movement disorders. Using an occupational therapy framework, these social gatherings allow people to spend time with new and existing friends over a slice of pizza. The core of this program is the research that social health is essential for brain health and longevity. This program is appropriate for people with any movement disorder diagnosis and their loved ones and will always include access to experts, as well as peers, to talk about wellness and treatment options.

Getting Real™

Care partners and adult children don’t have time to skirt the hard truths; they need to get real about advanced Parkinson’s. This half day workshop provides the opportunity to ask targeted questions about disease progression, treatments and support services. Something happens when you replace “losing” with “learning” in a situation where loss is eminent: “Patients” become “people,” friends and neighbors on the same journey.  Something indescribable happens when power is, once again, restored to the seed of the human will.  At our Getting Real! workshops, you will learn with your peers and be reminded – you are not alone!