In-Person Programs

Renew! Retreat®

Make new leaps. Solidify your personal care team. Experience our one-of-a-kind workshop designed with two simultaneous tracks: one for care partners and adult children AND one for those with movement disorders. Our Renew! Retreat® provides breakthrough spaces for education in an environment of your peers. We share information about disease progression and treatment options and create invaluable opportunities to network with those who share your experience.  You will learn from our expert providers, as well from each other.

Every spark, every leap, every change in perspective is a connection you make. And when you’re always sparking connections, you’re helping yourself and others crack the loop of frozen thinking.  We teach people impacted by movement disorders invaluable resilience and wellness practices—sharing methods for increased independence and demonstrating the value of connection in brain and body health. Participants leave with an expanded community and tools to make life easier.  This highly engaging day will create and generate confidence, resilience and reduce the isolation of navigating a movement disorder.

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