In-Person Programs

Spotlight® Workshop Series

Spotlight!® workshops offer a deep dive into medications, treatments and/or research. We work hard to ensure information is never held hostage, and instead connect you directly to physician experts to learn about movement disorder symptoms and the therapy options to treat them. PMD Alliance is all about infusing confidence and preparing you for full-on self-advocacy.  These workshops do just that! Heads up, treatment-related workshops combine branded or therapy specific talks to zero in on how a treatment addresses the disease process. Our hope is that you will ask questions, discuss, and engage in follow-up discussions with your family and care team.

Below is a highlight of the various types of Spotlight!® workshops:

Spotlight!® on Treatment

These workshops are a deep dive into Parkinson’s symptoms, treatments, and therapies. You’ll hear about symptoms and treatments directly from movement disorder neurologists and learn how to better communicate about your symptoms with your own physician team.

Spotlight!® on Research

Our research workshop are meant to serve as a practical look at research, hope and you today. You’ll hear about clinical trials in your area directly from local neuroscientists, movement disorder specialists, and other researchers. Discuss with peers and experts the role research can play in your everyday care plan, and learn ways to get involved.

Spotlight!® on Emotional Health & Treatment

Bring to the forefront, this series focuses on the emotional and mental health complications of Parkinson disease. Almost everyone impacted by Parkinson’s experiences emotional and mental health challenges while navigating the disease, so why don’t we talk about it? PMD Alliance is never afraid to have challenging conversations. Learn from experts about why these complications surface and hear about therapeutic interventions to address them.