Support Group Leader Agreement

We are excited to welcome you to the PMD Alliance In Sync!® Online Support Group Leader Workshop as an Attendee. We consider this workshop to be the beginning of a very rich, long-term relationship with you. This is a partnership that creates benefits for you and your group, for PMD Alliance, and most importantly, for the people who benefit from our shared leadership and support.

Description of In Sync!® Online Support Group Leaders Program

In partnership, we serve support groups by offering coaching, connecting, and collaboration. Partnering with you offers collective success – a successful partnership defined by actions, not words – a partnership predicated on shared trust, honest communication, seeking the highest good for all, and a shared commitment to the support of your organization and ours.

PMD Alliance does not duplicate programs and services that already exist successfully in the community, and knowing well the challenges and hard work that you do as a support group leader, we’re eager to see you at the In Sync!® Online Support Group Leader Workshop. One of our most important programs, In Sync!® workshops constitute nearly 30% of our annual budget and represent a total investment of approximately $600.00 per support group leader each year (as of 2019).

Support group leaders are the lifeblood of the Parkinson’s and movement disorder community, and our investment in you is one of the most important investments we can make. In turn, as we cover all expenses for the workshop in support of you and your work, we ask that you support the important work of PMD Alliance, as well.

PMD Alliance’s Scope of Responsibility:

• Communicate honestly and openly with you.

• Commit to not duplicating programs offered by collaborative partners, unless previously discussed.

• Pay all costs for workshop materials and meals and offer travel assistance (when applicable).

• Provide materials to all workshop attendees.

• Provide online facilitation training and use of the PMD Alliance Pro Zoom account for your group meetings ($180/yr. savings for your group)

In Sync!® Attendee Scope of Responsibility:

• Communicate honestly and openly with PMD Alliance.

• Share information about upcoming events and workshops presented by PMD Alliance both in-person and online with your group members.

• Share information with PMD Alliance related to the size of your group, distribution of information about upcoming events and workshops, and general makeup/demographics of your group.

• Commit to not duplicating the program, components, structure of the event, or event materials without prior approval from PMD Alliance. If you are interested in any of the materials we provide for your use, please discuss your interest with us.