Live-Stream Spotlight on Medication

At PMDAlliance, we believe that information is POWER . . . and let’s face it: medications for Parkinson’s aren’t something you’re going to find on a shelf at Walgreen’s. We also know that as interesting as anecdotes about someone’s personal experience with a treatment may be, effectively treating the symptoms of PD often requires a personalized combination of medications that can’t be found in a Google search.

That’s why we share information about treatment and medication options and create opportunities for you to talk with professionals. Our hope is that you’ll ask questions, take notes to discuss with your physician, and be better informed and empowered to weigh your options and make wise choices.

At PMDAlliance, we know that you’re more than your disease. We respect and value you in your capabilities, your choices, your hopes, and your power, and we’ve learned that complete and accurate information supports you in all those aspects of your life.