How You Can Make An Impact

PMD Alliance gives me hope on a daily basis. I love their caring approach to my whole team and the user-friendly programs that keep us informed and connected. Most of all, I love the people at PMD Alliance, and want them to know they are making a positive difference in my life and in my family’s life.

Pauline Urbano Hechler
PMD Alliance Board Member and Person with Parkinson’s

When you support PMD Alliance, you are making a difference in the lives of people living with movement disorders. You are telling people like Pauline, that they are valuable and supported, and that they will not walk this journey alone.

If you have attended our programs, you know they are impactful, informative, educational, and inspiring for everyone from people with movement disorders, to care partners, family, friends, support group leaders, and even health care providers. Our programs are free to anyone who wants to attend, but they are not without cost.

Here are some ways you can help PMD Alliance continue to expand its reach and impact, so we can continue to help people to learn, live more fully, and spark meaningful connections around them.

Ways to Donate

conference room full of people at a PMD Alliance event

Thank you for your interest in PMD Alliance 

Whether it’s people living with a diagnosis, their care partners, adult children or support group leaders, we meet the needs of those we serve by providing solutions that fundamentally enlighten, inform and incite positive change. 

We also want to meet your needs as a donor. Whatever way you want to get involved, in whatever capacity is comfortable to you, we are here for you!  

Together, we can help people to learn, live more fully and spark meaningful connections around them. 

Leave a Legacy

The idea of leaving a legacy is the desire to be remembered for what you have contributed to the world. What will your legacy be?

By joining PMD Alliance’s Legacy Circle, you will help ensure that we can continue to bring education and connection to those impacted by movement disorders for years to come. Your legacy.

There are many ways you can make a commitment and we are here to have conversations with you about your intentions. Whether you’d like to help others through your estate, an IRA charitable rollover, or real estate, we are here to support you.

Honor Someone

When you make a gift in honor of someone, it lets them know you are thinking about them and supporting them through the work of PMD Alliance. These gifts can mark a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, or they can be a “just because I am thinking about you”.

When you make a gift in memory of someone, you honor their memory and their legacy with a positive contribution, and a letter will be sent to the recipient of your choice. This sentiment is deeply appreciated by the person’s loved ones.

Impactful Information

No matter how you’d like to make a difference, PMD Alliance is here to help you make the biggest impact. We are often asked, “How can I help?”

The simple answer is, there is no simple answer! Whatever your capacity, your talent, your place in the Ecosystem, we whole-heartedly believe in the infectious power of teamwork.

This is the place where you can see how your dollars make an impact, and how people like you are actively making a difference in the lives of people impacted by movement disorders.