How You Can Make An Impact

Ways to Leave a Legacy!

Estate Planning 

Estate planning is a written expression of your intentions for the protection and preservation of your assets during your life and your plans for how you will leave your legacy.

Contact Maureen Simmons, VP, Philanthropy, at, to discuss joining the Legacy Circle.

IRA Charitable Rollover: Stocks, Bonds, & Real Estate

To request instructions for making a gift of stock or securities or a rollover of your IRA required minimum distribution contact Maureen Simmons, VP, Philanthropy, at

CARES ACT and Charitable Giving for 2020

The CARES ACT made notable changes to charitable giving for 2020. Please discuss your unique circumstances regarding giving strategies and tax benefits with your team of advisors.

  • Taxpayers who prefer to take the standard deduction instead of itemizing may now take a one-time deduction of $300 above and beyond the standard deduction. You qualify for this deduction when you give your cash gift(s) directly to a qualifying non-profit, including PMD Alliance. (Note: contributions made to donor-advised funds or private foundations DO NOT qualify for the one-time deduction.
  • Cash contributions made in 2020 are now fully deductible up to 100 percent of a person’s adjusted gross income (AGI). Previously, individuals could take a charitable deduction of up to 60 percent of their adjusted gross income.

PMD Alliance will never recommend any specific strategies of giving; we are here expressly to serve the wishes of our donors. As with any decision regarding legal and financial matters, we recommend you consult with your own independent professionals including attorneys, accountants, trust officers, life insurance professionals, investment advisors, and real estate brokers.