Get Out! Online Happy Hour

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Remember, socialization helps with brain health, emotional well being and longevity! See you online soon!


An Arizona resident since 1953 and diagnosed with PD in early 2010, Perry retired in 2012.  He said, “I avoided social interaction for a time until I made up my mind to venture outside my self-imposed comfort zone. I found a community with an ocean of love, support, and knowledge.” He added, “We are each unique but with enough common experience to be friends, teachers and students with and for each other.”  Perry looks for forward to hanging out with you

Judy moved to Arizona in 1997. Retired from the defense industry in 2005, she was diagnosed with PD in 2014 and became involved in several support groups and exercise programs. She believes that exercise is what keeps her healthy and helps delay the onset of symptoms.  Judy regularly attends PMDAlliance Get Out! events and keeps active to boost her overall health.  Social and welcoming, she likes to help people remember that PD doesn’t define you.