SUMMARY: Reporting to the Director, Business and Operations, the Operations Coordinator serves as a key hub for numerous aspects of organizational operations. The primary responsibility is to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and interdependent coordination of activities across PMD Alliance. The Operations Coordinator must continually seek solutions to improve communications and system efficiency with the goal of seamless user experience and customer service. As a core function in the organizational infrastructure, the Operations Coordinator often acts as the first contact with the community and therefore must be a person able to embody the culture, vision, personality and purpose of the organization at all times.

PMD Alliance is a fast-paced organization committed to continual learning, growth and development. We strive to fulfill unmet needs by delivering services in cost effective, efficient, and meaningful ways. Although a non-profit, we are also a business that must balance competing needs to ensure we do the greatest good for the largest number of people in a transformational manner. This culture and organizational model requires each team member to be both nimble and highly focused, both as an individual contributor and integrated team member.

All members of the PMD Alliance team commit to and embrace a set of beliefs. These beliefs are intentionally placed above the specific duties as PMD Alliance considers consistency in living these values and beliefs a core part of each board and staff member’s role:

-People are more than their disease.
-Programs will be life-giving and engaging, not simply informative.
-Human connection is a fundamental need; we pay equal attention to living well and learning.
-Transparency is a cornerstone of trust.
-Stakeholder engagement rises from shared and open communication.
-Information is power. We do not withhold information from the people we serve.
-Partnership offers collective success.
-We support existing services in the community; we do not duplicate.
-Each partner has a unique role to play; we seek to amplify our partners’ contributions.
-Sustainability is the essence of organizational health.
-Financial health is a shared responsibility.
-With effective communication & programs, partners will remain invested in PMDAlliance sustainability.
-Stretching and risk-taking are imperatives.

–Creation of cutting edge, innovative low cost/high impact service is essential.
–Programs must exhilarate the mind, warm the heart, and awaken the body.
–Risking failure is an essential part of learning and growth.

Duties specific to the Operations Coordinator role:

General communication:
-Answer main phone number
-Answer info@pmdalliance.org email and website form messages
-Proofread scheduled email blasts

Social Media & Communities Management:
-Respond to Facebook messages and comments within 1 business day
-Work with VP, Community Engagement and Development Manager to schedule content on FB, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
-Work with Development Manager to manage social media fundraisers
-Moderate private Facebook groups, respond to post comments and messages, and schedule content
-Escalate any significant clinical issues to Program Director
-Escalate brand and organization issues to VP,Community Engagement

Survey reports:
-Apply program information to survey templates and manage responses
-Run reports for pre-event surveys
-Contact registrants to ensure pre-event surveys are completed in advance

-Keep support group lists up to date using WordPress and Excel
-Keep exercise group lists up to date using WordPress and Excel
-Update physician listings on website using WordPress and Excel
-Run reports about utilization, access or location of logins as requested

Program Support:
-Track and manage all licenses for products
-Create meeting summary for Program staff meetings
-Track CPDC inquiries and provide timely replies
-Coordinate and schedule presentations for marketing and delivery of CPDC
-Track attendance for CPDC facilities
-Track renewal times for all CPDC facilitiesCEO Support:
-Track stewardship work with CEO to complete regular stewardship
-Ensure all CEO contacts are entered into SalesForce