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Educational Resources:

Parkinson’s disease biomarker found in patient urine samples. Research by Andrew West, Ph.D., and colleagues at the University of Alabama has revealed brand-new type of biomarker — a phosphorylated protein that correlates with the presence and severity of Parkinson’s disease.   (more)

Researchers find key to Parkinson’s disease neurodegeneration.  “It’s really exciting that we have found a mechanism we can target to create new treatments . . . (more)

Phoenix researchers at Mayo Clinic and Banner Sun Health Research Institute have determined that a saliva gland test can spot early Parkinson’s disease.  Arizona researchers Charles Adler, M.D., Ph.D., neurologist, professor of neurology at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and Thomas Beach, M.D., Ph.D., a neuropathologist with Banner Sun Health Research Institute in Sun City, Arizona . . .  (more)

Dementia drug may reduce risk of falls among Parkinson patients. Learn more.

Everyday activity more beneficial than occasional strenuous exercise for Parkinson’s disease.  See what a study from the University of Michigan revealed. 

A long-term Vanderbilt University Medical Center study of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in early-stage Parkinson’s disease DBS trial moves to next level

Carbidopa/Levodopa Enteral Suspension Method New to U.S. MarketFDA approve Duopa.

In Scotland, a woman who can smell PD has prompted a study in the UK. Sniffing out PD. Can a cancer drug reverse Parkinson disease and dementia. See the NPR report.

Use of anticholinergic drugs does NOT increase risk for dementia in Parkinson disease patients. Read about the study.

New drug that protects dopamine cells raises hopes for Parkinson’s. Click here for details.

Parkinson stem cell therapy OK’ed for testingreported by the San Diego Union Tribune 

Asthma may influence risk for Parkinson disease, according to a Taiwanese study of 10,455 patients.

Early weight loss with Parkinson disease may be a red flaga study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital’s Neurological Clinical Research Institute

Click on the images below to view the PowerPoints from PMDAlliance Parkinson’s Conferences.

thumbnail of 08-ADLER-AZSAND PMD Alliance Mayo 4-15-17 Final      thumbnail of 02-DRIVE-What’s new for PD   thumbnail of 05-LOFTIN-PD Powerpoint 4-15-17thumbnail of 2017 Mayo PD Symp   thumbnail of 03-CAVINESS-2017 PD Patient Symposium-JNC-FINAL