Supporting Your Local Group – Fiscal Agents

Supporting Your Local Group – Fiscal Agent

Running a support group is easy.  Finding meeting space, letting people know about your meetings, encouraging members and maintaining momentum all take time and effort.  Among our many programs, we offer a variety of services to support group leaders.  Our services include:

  • InSync! Support Group Leader Conferences.  Our conferences provide hands-on training to leaders building skill sets and broadening your network of peers.  To learn more about the conferences please visit our InSync! page by clicking here.
  • Marketing and promotion.  We maintain an up to date list of support groups from around the state on our website.  Take a look at the listings and be sure your group is accurately listed.  Click here to visit the listing.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship.  Some groups host fundraising events and collect donations.  These donations and events are not tax deductible unless the group is approved by the IRS as a non-profit or partners with an organization that already has non-profit tax exempt status.  Most support groups for Parkinson disease and other movement disorders align well with our mission.  We offer the opportunity for your group to secure tax deductible donations through our fiscal sponsorship program.  If you would like to learn more, please reach out to us at

We offer a variety of services to local groups and organizations that help ensure you are able to offer high quality, sustainable services in your local community.  With more than 25 years of non-profit leadership experience, we are able to provide you with the infrastructure you need to secure funding and remain in compliance with regulations.  Here are the three primary service models we offer (click on the image to be taken to a full page document):



If you are considering securing your own 501c3 tax exempt status, partnering with a fiscal agent, or do not yet have clear path for offering services to people in your community, the following information may help inform your planning and decision:

Secure your own 501c3
  • Able to receive tax deductible donations
  • Maximum independence
  • Stand alone organization


  • Expensive (fees, audit, management, filing)
  • Insurance and other operating costs
  • Comprehensive business planning, management and oversight required to remain in compliance
Secure a formal fiscal agent
  • Able to receive tax deductible donations
  • Remain an independent organization
  • Fiscal management and compliance is secure
  • Ability to obtain event insurance
  • Formal agreement, clear responsibilities and financial management
  • Not a full stand alone 501c3




Operate without a fiscal agent or 501c3
  • Remain an independent organization
  • Excellent for small stand alone groups with little to no expense
  • Unable to secure tax deductible donations
  • Minimal presence based on scale
  • Unlikely to have insurance
  • Uncertain sustainability / growth

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