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“What changes everything, for me…is when I get to meet people face to face.”

We carry an arms-open, hand-in-hand, “Yes, and…!” mentality into every aspect of our work. If teamwork hurts your ego, please move along. We have lots to do, and we know that, through teamwork, our contributions all receive a mutual boost. Collaboration is our ammunition, and collegial partnerships are our fuel.

We believe that no breakthrough exists in a vacuum, and no person with a movement disorder ever rides the wave of this journey alone. So JOIN IN! Let’s sidestep the status quo, often rife with competitive waste, and take calculated risks to deliver the best creative programs for people who need them most.

Let’s NOT duplicate what someone else is doing. Instead, team with us as we pilot, research and innovate to solve for everyday movement disorder challenges that others have not even conceptualized.

By focusing on relationships, we amplify the contributions of each PMD stakeholder.

Industry Partners

Medical device and pharmaceutical gurus with generosity to share.

Organizational Partners

Nonprofit mavens with ideas, to boot, who help drive our programs and serve our community.

Thank you to our 2020 Annual Partners for your support of our model, our programs, and our community.
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