Testimonials and Experts

From people living with the disease, to care partners, family members, support group leaders, the medical community, and friends, we are committed to helping everyone impacted by a movement disorder diagnosis.

Our unique Movement Disorder Care & Support Ecosystem© allows us to create programming and resources for all of those walking this disorder journey. We know that when these stars are shining in alignment, the effect on those we serve is immeasurable.

The PMD Alliance community truly is a community and we deeply value the opinions and needs of everyone we serve.

To hear more about what makes PMD Alliance unique and meet experts and advocates available to you to interview, read below.

Maria Cristina Ospina, MD
Medical Network
I want to help my patients any way I can, but I know I can’t do all of the education I want to in just one visit. PMD Alliance is a great extension of me, and offers more information and resources than what I can provide in just 30 minutes. I tell my patients all the time, “Watch this PMD Alliance video and let’s talk about it next time.” I can’t be there at home at 2:00 am with them, but the better educated and the more they understand about their disease, the better my patients are going to do.
David Higgins, PhD
PwP & Support Group Leader
Community Network
For support group leaders, PMD Alliance is a source of comprehensive and relevant PD information delivered by kind, caring, forward-thinking people. Their information is timely and unique and reflects the needs of their constituents now, making it a wonderful resource for support group leaders committed to the PD community.
Jennifer Anderson, PT, DBT, NCS
PMD Alliance Board Member
Therapy Network
As a holistically minded physical therapist, I am so grateful to be affiliated with an organization that understands and embraces the importance of viewing the diversity and uniqueness of each individual with Parkinson’s Disease. PMD Alliance understands the importance of educating, nurturing, and empowering the entire Parkinson’s ecosystem in a way that promotes partnership and collaboration. Every time I attend a PMD Alliance event, I leave feeling re-energized, inspired, and connected.
Karen St. Clair
PMD Alliance Ambassador
Family Network
As a care partner to my husband with Parkinson’s, PMD Alliance has provided me with the information I need to understand his condition and make informed decisions They also take care of the care partner, reminding us to be compassionate with ourselves and make ourselves a priority. If we aren’t taking care of ourselves, we won’t be able to take care of others.
Sarah Jones, MPA, MS
PMD Alliance CEO
Companion Network
We are a people focused organization that’s not afraid to roll our sleeves up and walk this journey, hand in hand, with our folks. No matter who you are or where you are at in your movement disorder journey, PMD Alliance is here to help educate, connect and inspire you along your way.