Calling all movement disorder support group leaders!

Do you anchor a support group for people impacted by Parkinson’s or another movement disorder? Are you looking to start your own group, or become more involved in an existing group?

PMD Alliance has designed resources especially for you.

In Sync!® Regional workshops

Support Group in a Box®

Online roundtables

Quarterly newsletter

With a network of more than 1,800 support groups nationally, for the past four years the Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance has focused its efforts on programs that develop and assist support group leaders. The organization developed Support Group in a Box® specifically to meet those needs.

“We know that when support group leaders are cared for, regularly supported, and provided with practical tools and resources, they’re better able to care for their community,” said Sarah Jones, PMD Alliance CEO. “We see it time and time again. A strong support group is so much more than the total of its parts, and group leaders are at the center, making it all happen.”

Jones explained, “By focusing on group leaders with multiple services – In Sync!® workshops, online roundtables, coaching and networking – PMD Alliance assures that every leader will find interesting, practical and helpful information, tips, and activities that express the high esteem and appreciative respect we hold for them. Support Group in a Box®, funded by private donations and corporate grants, is literally a kit that contains tools group leaders can use at every meeting and in managing their group activities.”

Support Group in a Box® reflects PMD Alliance’s recognition that group leaders are the catalyst that set group members in motion to make beneficial lifestyle and behavioral changes, seek out care options, and create meaningful connections with each other.