PMD Alliance Legacy Circle

What is a Legacy?


A legacy is more than the financial inheritance that you leave for those you love most.  It’s about you and what matters to you most. Your planning and communication can help bring peace and clarity to your family, and it can be your lasting gift to the world. Becoming a member of the Legacy Circle by including PMD Alliance in estate planning ensures that the impact we make together will continue for years to come.

Our first Legacy Circle members, Ron and Jan Kline, share why they made the decision to include PMD Alliance in their estate.

“I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005. What a surprise! After 20 years of busy and fulfilling life insurance work, my life took an unexpected turn.  


There are many nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping persons with Parkinson’s but PMD Alliance is unlike any other. The PMD Alliance vision and dedication to providing free education inspired me to become one of its first Board members and Ambassadors. Over time, PMD Alliance became such a big part of our lives, providing us with much-needed education and support. We were inspired to include PMD Alliance in our estate plan so that others would have access to the education and connection we received. 


I encourage you to join Jan and me when you do your estate planning. Your gift will not only strengthen and ensure the future of PMD Alliance, it will help everyone PMD Alliance serves to lead healthier, more productive lives through education and engagement.”

Like the Klines, we invite you to make a lasting impact through your legacy. We appreciate your belief in the work we do and we know that we cannot provide the services we do without your continued partnership.

For more information about how to leave a legacy gift, please contact Maureen Simmons, VP, Philanthropy:

Here are some ways you can leave your legacy:

Beneficiary Designations

PMD Alliance could be listed as a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy. You can choose any amount or percentage.

IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions

This option is for those age 70 ½ and older. It’s a popular, tax-advantaged distribution through your IRA.

Additional Options

• Charitable leads trusts
• Life estates
• Outright or deferred gifts of real estate
• Personal property
• Rights or intellectual property gifts

Legacy Series Online

In early July 2020 we offered our first-ever Legacy Series Online to explore the various ways you can give. A brief description for each of the three-part series is below. Please click on “Watch Replay” to learn more on each topic. Also, please do not hesitate to reach out to Maureen Simmons via email at or by phone at (520) 664-4276 as a resource if you’d like to discuss the Legacy Circle further.

Communicating your Personal, Emotional, and Spiritual Wishes

July 1, 2020

Five Wishes is an internationally recognized living will that conveys your personal, emotional and spiritual needs. Paul Malley, President of Aging with Dignity, educates participants regarding the document and answers questions.

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Advance Care Planning:
Avoiding Chaos

July 7, 2020

Having tough conversations now and planning for future can give you and your family clarity and control in the face of a medical crisis. Kathleen Flammia, Elder Law Attorney, discusses various types of advanced directives to ensure clarity with your decision making for the future.

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Estate Planning,
You & PMD Alliance

July 13, 2020

Having a legacy is important to everyone and supporting nonprofit organizations you feel connected to can make your legacy last indefinitely.  Debbie Curry, CFP, Director of Investment Strategies, Yosemite Capital Management covers the basics of estate planning and ways you can leave a legacy, as well as the CARE Act’s impact on charitable giving.

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PMD Alliance will never recommend any specific strategies of giving; we are here expressly to serve the wishes of our donors. As with any decision regarding legal and financial matters, we recommend you consult with your own independent professionals including attorneys, accountants, trust officers, life insurance professionals, investment advisors, and real estate brokers.

You don’t need to notify us about your decision to join the PMD Alliance Legacy Circle, however we would love to hear if you have made this decision! For more information regarding the Legacy Circle, please email Maureen Simmons, VP, Philanthropy at