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Duopa (carbidopa/levodopa) is a combination medicine used to treat movement problems in people with advanced Parkinson's disease. Duopa reduces the "off time" effect associated with taking other medicines to treat Parkinson's symptoms. Duopa is a gel form of carbidopa and levodopa that is infused directly into the small intestine. Duopa is given with an infusion pump through a tube inserted into the wall of your stomach through a surgical incision called a "stoma" or a "port."
You will need a surgical procedure to create your stoma. A special tube called a "PEG-J" tube, will be placed through the stoma and into your small intestine. This tube is attached to an infusion pump that will deliver Duopa into your body. Duopa comes in a plastic cassette that is attached to the infusion pump. Your care provider will program the pump and show you how to use it. Read all patient information, medication guides, and instruction sheets provided to you. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions. Abbvie also has a patient assistance program for assistance with the use of the pump.


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The St. Jude Medical Infinity™ DBS System combines innovative directional lead technology and a wireless platform with enhanced patient comfort letting you offer patients the very latest in DBS treatment.
The St. Jude Medical Infinity™ DBS System includes segmented, directional lead technology designed to steer current towards desired structural areas to optimize patient outcomes and limit side effects.

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DBS for Parkinson Disease

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Vercise DBS is the first system engineered for precise neural targeting to customize therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease, primary and secondary dystonia, and essential tremor. The rechargeable system offers unique features including the longest battery life available for DBS therapy and the smallest footprint of any multiple source stimulator available.


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Deep brain stimulation (DBS) may help control the movement symptoms of Parkinson’s — tremor (shaking), slowed movement (bradykinesia), and stiffness (rigidity). When medications aren’t as effective as they used to be and your symptoms make everyday life a challenge, DBS may help.

For many people with Parkinson's, DBS makes a difference when even small tasks have become challenging. DBS has helped some people stay as independent as possible and keep doing the activities they love.DBS uses a small, pacemaker-like device, placed under the skin of the chest, to send electronic signals to an area in the brain that controls movement. To give you relief, these signals block some of the brain messages that cause the movement symptoms of Parkinson’s or tremor.