Volunteer Opportunities

Let's Move the Needle - Together!

“PMD Alliance is proof of what folks can accomplish when they refuse to take NO for an answer.”

Our small-but-mighty team is looking for some additional emPassioned people! We have a lot to accomplish, and we can’t do it without people who care. If volunteering for an organization that puts action behind words sounds like you: let’s talk.

Cheer Calls

The Cheer Call Initiative was developed to reach out to people impacted by movement disorders (people with Parkinson’s or care partners) who might be experiencing a sense of vulnerability, stress and isolation. In these uncertain times, no one has all the answers, but the simple connection of a friendly voice over the phone can help immeasurably. No special skills or equipment necessary, just a phone and a smile.

Technology Training

Use your technology skills to enrich the lives of individuals impacted by a movement disorder. Through the support of PMD Alliance, you will connect 1:1 with older adults (people with Parkinson’s or care partners) who desire to access online programs and tools to enable them to stay connected and informed during a time when many individuals across the country are being asked to stay at home and practice social distancing.

Interested? Fill out the form below and a PMD Alliance staff member will be in touch with more details.