How You Can Make An Impact

Why I Wanted to Make an Impact

As Ambassadors, we are enthusiastic about the mission. But our enthusiasm alone is not enough to keep the organization afloat. No matter how much we believe in any organization, without financial support it cannot thrive. Monthly donations, even modest ones, provide PMD Alliance with a reliable stream of support. That shows the community we are committed to the mission and vision of PMD Alliance for the long haul. And, personally, it reminds me each month that I am a partner in PMD Alliance’s mission.

David Higgins, Impact Partner and PMD Alliance Ambassador

We give to PMD Alliance because the Adult Children of People with PD conference was the turning point for our family in adjusting to my mom’s PD. It truly bonded us as a family and we clearly understood how to move forward with helping her to live an abundant life. I want everyone to experience that.

Gretchen Heinen, Impact Partner

While, as an employee, I am able to observe the benefit and the impact of our programming, I also recognize the importance of “engagement plus investment” – engagement from our sponsors, engagement from our physician partners, engagement from our team members, engagement from our movement disorder community. PMD Alliance is not able to do what we do without the engagement of time and energy, but also investment of finances. My donation as an “Impact Partner” isn’t huge, but every donation adds up. Take that “investment” step allows me to feel an expansion of my engagement.

Margie Gray, Impact Partner and PMD Alliance Staff Member