How You Can Make An Impact

Workplace Giving

Many employers offer workplace giving which is an easy way to make a tax-deductible donation, often straight through your payroll. If your employer offers workplace giving, you and your employer can make a significant impact on the charity of your choice.

Some employers will even match your gift which means your impact will be doubled! Ask your employer today about whether they participate in this kind of giving. It’s easy and impactful.

It’s a cause that is so important to me because I have worked with Parkinson’s patients for about 17 years. I have seen so much change over the last decade or so, both in the medical field and also in the resources available for people living with movement disorders.

I am lucky to work for a company that matches charitable giving, which means we make a bigger impact, together, when we donate to PMD Alliance. 15 years ago, I started using Medtronic’s Foundation matching program when my career began. I am proud to be a resource to my fellow colleagues to help them explore donation opportunities with community partners like PMD Alliance. That is what compels me to give.

When I work with patients and families, I ask them about their experience with PMD Alliance. I always receive incredible feedback and it motivates me to continue helping people form a partnership with PMD Alliance.

Joey Gregan, PMD Alliance Donor through Workplace Giving