About Us

What We’re About

“When you are open and allow others the gift of being with you, you find resilience.”
– Sarah Jones, CEO of PMD Alliance

We’re the Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance, “PMD Alliance” for short—an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunities for people to learn, live more fully and spark meaningful connections around them.

More than 40 million Americans are affected by movement disorders. It’s a challenging reality—and one we cannot face alone. That’s why we play differently. PMD Alliance reaches across all communities and partners, including our sister organizations. Yes, in a world where genuine collaboration can be tough to find, we treasure it! Our journey is a team sport.

We’re always people-oriented. Whether it’s those living with a diagnosis, their care partners, adult children or support group leaders, we meet the needs of those we serve by providing solutions that fundamentally enlighten, inform and incite positive change.

How We See It

Designed with real people in mind, our Movement Disorder Care & Support Ecosystem© serves as a kind of guiding star and a catalyst for action. Today! Everything we do centers around strengthening that ecosystem. We know that when these stars are shining in alignment, the effect on those we serve is immeasurable.

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