Programs Overview

PMD Alliance has developed a diverse portfolio of in-person and online programs and continues to refine them with these goals in mind: interactive, life-giving, and engaging. We believe information is power and go the extra mile to ensure you have the tools to use the information you learn. All PMD Alliance programs are offered to the public free of charge, so everyone has equal access.

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Spotlight® on Treatment

People impacted by Parkinson’s and other movement disorders experience a loss of control every day.  For the care partners trying to establish a new medication schedule and integrate it into everyday life; for people with the disease who are now challenged to do what came so easily five years ago; and for adult children trying to figure out how to be of assistance and support – we realize this disease makes all of us feel powerless at one time or another.

At PMD Alliance, we believe that information is POWER . . . and let’s face it: medications for Parkinson’s aren’t something found on a drugstore shelf. We also know that PD is different for each individual. Anecdotes about someone’s experience may be interesting and informative, yet what works for one person or what sounds perfect during an internet search, is not always right for everyone. 

That’s why we share information about treatment and medication options and create opportunities to interact with professionals directly. Our goal is to have a space for participants to dialogue with physicians and ask questions, to reflect on what they learn, and be more empowered in weighing options and making informed choices when meeting with their care providers.

Learn. Live. Connect. Workshops

Our half-day workshops include: seminars with a movement disorder physician, an interactive therapy or allied health session, and a Q&A format focused on disease progression, treatments and support services. These workshops provide health, wellness, and medical information in a highly interactive setting. Participants leave with a greater understanding about the disease and the value and benefits of various therapeutic interventions that enhance life and vitality.

Get Out!™ Socials

Get Out!™ events are social events for people impacted by Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. These events are social gatherings that allow people to spend time with new and existing friends over a slice of pizza. The core of this program is the belief that social health, which contributes to overall brain health, is essential, particularly for aging adults.  Using an occupational therapy framework, this program enables people impacted by movement disorders to gain tools and build a support network in a natural way. This program is appropriate for any movement disorder.

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NeuroLife Online®

We recognize that not everyone has easy access to movement disorder physicians, expert information, social and support networks, and opportunities to learn in their immediate areas. NeuroLife Online® offers an opportunity for them to participate in exercise classes, learn directly from movement disorder specialists and other experts, and gain skills in navigating the disease. Designed for the whole Movement Disorder Ecosystem©. the live-streamed program is available at no charge to anyone in the U.S. and other areas around the world.

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Certified Parkinson Disease Care™ (CPDC)

Many people impacted by Parkinson’s find themselves in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, or a rehabilitation center at some point in their lives. It is not uncommon for these facilities to have a limited understanding about the unique needs of a resident with PD and non-motor aspects of the disease.  This program is designed to support facilities to better meet the needs of residents. Through a series of educational sessions that are not medical in nature, we offer facilities practical solutions and understanding for enhancing quality of life, activities of daily living, and care for current and future residents impacted by PD.

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Renew! Retreat®


When supporting someone with a movement disorder, prioritizing self-care can be tough to do. There never seems to be enough time.  By the end of the day your energy is gone . . . yet there’s still more that needs to be done. Self-care often takes a back seat to the “more pressing” issues.

A four-year study from 1999 found that “Participants who were providing care and experiencing caregiver strain had mortality risks that were 63% higher than those whose spouse was not disabled” (Schulz & Beach). Decades later the importance of your self-care has remains, and has likely increased.

That’s why we created Renew! Retreat® for care partners and family members. This is an opportunity for you to rejuvenate and spend time with others who share similar feelings and concerns. Your loved ones who are living with Parkinson’s enjoy their own concurrent conference. Hear from medical experts such as social workers, movement disorder neurologists, physical, speech, and occupational therapists, and more. This is a time to be able to talk about issues, concerns, and solutions with people who share your experience.

Schulz, R. & Beach, SR (1999). Caregiving as a risk factor for mortality: the Caregiver Health Effects Study. JAMA, 282(23):2215-2219. doi:10.1001/jama.282.23.2215

In Sync!® Support Group Leader Series


PMD Alliance recognizes the time, effort, and energy that you, as Support Group Leaders (SGL), put into leading your groups. That’s why we developed the In Sync!® Conference. Its purpose is to have a time and place to talk candidly with physicians, other professionals, and other SGLs. Together we learn from each other, explore issues and various situations leaders encounter, and bring home new insights into group leadership and management skills.

At PMD Alliance, we know how important you are to the health and well-being of the people in your support group. It is through your work connecting with others and serving as a strong leader that everyone who comes in contact with you benefits in so many ways. Support group participants receive emotional support, learn about managing the disease, discover medical and community resources, and have the assurance that you are there.

We dive deeper; beyond the “PD 101” basics. Our guest movement disorder specialists, leadership experts, and marketing professionals focus on the topics that you want and provide the information you need. This is an opportunity for you to participate in discussions and activities related to leadership and explore with others the many ways that groups of all sizes publicize, organize, and manage themselves.

Since the program’s inception, PMD Alliance has trained, reinvigorated, and assisted over 400 SGLs across the United States. We welcome you to join us to learn from our experiences, to share your great ideas, and continue to grow by attending the quarterly online In Sync!® Roundtables with SGLs from across the country.

Support Group Leader takeaways: New friends; New resources; New tools; New information; New ideas; and Our gratitude for all you do to make life better for people impacted by movement disorders.