Certified Parkinson Disease Care™
Facility Accreditation

People with Parkinson's Disease seek care from facilities that demonstrate a commitment to staff who have proven expertise in all service areas.

Certified Parkinson Disease Care™ (CPDC™) accreditation offered by the PMD Alliance provides that assurance. The following underscores the importance of a workforce that is prepared to meet an individual’s unique needs: 

  • PD is neurological and progressive; over time it affects almost every aspect of motor and non-motor functions – physical, emotional, cognitive.
  • Nearly one million people in the US (1 in a hundred over the age of 60) are living with PD. The number is projected to double over the next 20 years.
  • People are living for decades with the disease, even as they require increasing care.
  • Many of these individuals and their spouses seek residential and long-term care during the course of the disease. 

PARKINSON’S IS A COMPLICATED DISEASE. Excellence in daily care requires knowledge and training at every level of staffing – clinical staff, caregivers, dietary workers, housekeeping, facility operations, and administration. 

CPDC™ is interactive, convenient, and comprehensive

Interactive: Training sessions are hosted online, live. Our expert trainers can answer questions specific to each facility, and each individual employee as they arise. 

Convenient: Training sessions are online offered on various days and times throughout the month to more easily accommodate staff schedules attendance. All you need is an internet connection! 

Comprehensive: To be certified, a minimum of 80% of all staff members, including 100% of staff in leadership positions must attend the training sessions. Training includes information about the disease, helpful discussion of its many symptoms, and suggestions to enhance daily care. 

Ongoing: New employees have access to join online training sessions as they are hired. Many facilities have made our sessions part of their new hire orientation process! 

Facilities and Services Benefit with Certification

  • Improved resident/ patient care effectiveness and efficiency
  • Formal recognition by PMD Alliance, a nationally known and respected non-profit organization 
  • Use of CPDC™ logo for marketing materials and advertising 
  • Special listing on PMD Alliance website 
  • Complimentary exhibit table at PMD Alliance events

For pricing and more information contact us at (800) 256-0966 or complete the form below. 

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